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Or, the reason why you should eat veggies.


Benefits of vegetables are the amount of vitamins and fiber and their low calorie density.

You stop eating when you have enough food ; enough means mentally, chemically and mechanically. All of these depend on the nature and quality of the food consumed during the meal. But the amount of food does influence the feeling of satiety (these are the mechanically and mentally parts), helping you slowing down the eating process. That’s why the quantity of food has to virtually fill your stomach before eating, to avoid adding other items.

Then your major food (meat, fish, carbohydrates, vegetables) has to be not too caloric, or else you will put on weight. Veggies have the best low calorie density (ration between the amount of calories and its weight). For instance, 100g of rice brings as many calories as 750g of broccoli ! Other example, a fruit yoghurt brings as many calories as one yoghurt without sugar + one fruit, but the first one weights 125g (in France) and the second 125+150=275g !!

A healthier way of eating could be a mixed plate of vegetables and carbohydrates for a meal, with steamed fish, or a grilled piece of meat, and always home-made meals (that’s for pleasure).

Of course, don’t eat too fast because you won’t be able to feel the satiety growing…

Next time, choose a fruit instead of a cookie 😉

Thanks GoldieKatsu for the corrections 🙂



  1. I just found your blog, and this was the first piece i found in English. And what do you know, i’m a vegetarian! Kind of…. It’s hard to explain. The problem is how much cheese and carbs I eat instead of veggies, and that changes depending on how hard it is to get the veggies. But this definitely reminds me that we need to go shopping for veggies. Thanks.

  2. @Whit Scott you know, each day, I meet ppl saying that even if veggies are in the fridge, they eat carbs (try to esplainit)
    Is it genetic ? Remembers me about your post esplain why cheese is so good ? A doctor said recently, that’s because babies first eat fruits, sugar tasty. Maybe, maybe not…
    Good to see you around, my seesmic friend 🙂

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